Clutch Gallery is pleased to present Pickle by Nick Black. Nick Black is a maker, a tinkerer, a mad scientist whose materials are animatronic plastic novelties cobbled together to create a sublime clusterfu**K. Pickle is a work that on the surface has all the elements of a bawdy practical joke, but when activated the grinding rotation of miniature dill pickle and the raising up of a mechanized crocheted flower reveals a layer of self-effacing wit.

Nick Black was born in Chicago in 1958. He has attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago,
DePaul University, the University of Illinois at Chicago, and the Massachusetts College of Art. His recent exhibitions include Byron Cohen Gallery in Kansas City, Uncle Freddy's Gallery in Highland, IN, Joymore Gallery in Chicago, the Chicago Cultural Center and he recently created an installation for Pop-up Art in the Chicago Loop.