Danielle Ash: Secrets Hidden Deep Within the Clutch

Clutch Gallery is pleased to present the Secrets Hidden Deep Within the Clutch by Danielle Ash. In an urban environment, the purse often becomes the space that supports a life outside the apartment. It is the go-to spot for everything: one's identity, transit fare, snacky sustenance, face paint, over-the-counter medical help, and satisfaction of vices. In Secrets Hidden Deep Within the Clutch, Ash offers an animation piece created from items found in her purse. Loaded on an IPod, her video sited within the very materials that the piece was created from. Ash often draws from her New York upbringing, incorporating characters such as pickle vendors, street performers, and pigeons. In this work she went on a search for something personal. Secrets Hidden Deep Within the Clutch runs through November 27, 2010.

Danielle Ash received her MFA in experimental animation at CalArts in 2008. Her stop-motion animated films made of cardboard, clay, wire, tape, and a wide array of found objects have screened in festivals near and far. In 2010 she was awarded the Helen Hill Animation Award for her work in animation as well as the Stellar Animation Award at the Black Maria Film Festival for her recent film, “Pickles for Nickels,” a recycled cardboard creation. Currently based in New York and teaching and working in animation, Danielle enjoys contemplating the universe while playing her saw.