Bon voyage Clutch!

Greenswoogle by Paul Melvin Hopkin will be going on vacation to Buenos Aires with Emma Robbins.

After 2 years of operating a Clutch Gallery out of my purse, I am now opening the project up to others. No more will I be limited to carry just a wallet and keys in my purse; I have dusted off my old green bag and am passing Clutch on to a series of others. This last show with Paul Melvin Hopkin, was curated by me, yet will be carried by Emma Robbins to Buenos Aries and back to Chicago. Emma will then take on the mantle of Clutch curator through spring. I am delighted to see the project grow beyond my sphere and am grateful to all the artists who have exhibited in my bag. I am also thrilled that I am now able to carry a book, a lunch, and my personal belongings all in one place again.