FORAY by David M. Hall

Clutch Gallery is pleased to present Foray by David M. Hall.
Having traversed over 1,700 miles of mostly mid western expanse between Chicago and Vermont, Clutch returns with Foray. Peeping is both invigorating and incredibly boring. The risk of being discovered and possibly incarcerated is balanced by the thrilling banality of what usually goes on in those warmly glowing portals. Inspired by the... guilty pleasure of peeping through windows at night, Foray condenses this questionable act into a compact vessel. Constructed with basic materials: foam board, a photographer's loupe, and a backlit 35mm slide, Foray welcomes the viewer to gaze upon an intimate tableaux created by the soothing light of a window. Foray runs through March 31, 2012.
Born in New Jersey, and raised on the grounds of a Salvation Army-owned summer camp / old folks weekend resort, David M. Hall rusticated to Vermont at the age of nineteen. What came tumbling down from the foothills of the Green Mountains was a strange new breed. Trained in photography at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and ever fascinated by unkempt pockets in the landscape, Hall prowls in search of the settings and objects which make up his works. His ritual behaviors, captured in stills and on video, serve as a mechanism for deconstructing what he finds.