CLUTCH GALLERY Clutch Gallery is pleased to present Rhapsody in Wax by Lynn Basa. Rhapsody in Wax is an environment created with fire, precious pigments, and the work product of countless bees. It is part of an on-going series of paintings by Lynn Basa seeking to harness the forces of Nature to create beautiful accidents through chemistry. “Less thinking, more painting” are the words she lives by. Rhapsody in Wax runs through August 2, 2012. Lynn Basa’s first love, and first art degree, was ceramics. A material she never got out of her system despite a very long detour into textiles. Happily, she discovered encaustic painting which satisfies her need for a materials-based medium that responds to fire, but without all of the equipment. She lives in Chicago where she is a full-time artist dividing her practice between studio work and public art commissions around the country. She teaches a course in the Sculpture department at SAIC on public art professional practices and is the author of “The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions”.