curated by Paul Hopkin and carried by Jeffery Grauel

Is there a thing, really nothing, that just gets you? You just can’t get around it even though it is scarcely there? That hangnail, that tiny curl in the lip that makes you hate that goddamned smirking bitch.

We see genocide from so far away that we can conceive of sentences containing both genocide and lipstick more easily than we can imagine actual soldiers killing actual citizens of an actual sovereign nation. We can’t fathom that global warming amounts to anything more than a plastic bag form the corner grocer. We seem impotent to sweat the BIG stuff. Treat it like it ain’t no thang.

Objects in this mirror are closer than they appear.

Slow has packed up and moved into Clutch for a traveling exhibition.

The artists include Benjamin Bellas, Judith Brotman, CC Ann Chen, Andreas Fischer, Brent Garbowski, Joe Mault, and Mican Morgan. The purse will be carried by slow’s co-director Jeffrey Grauel. This curatorial project will begin on October 10, and run for 30 days including a trip to our nation’s capital. Jeffrey also plans to make the rounds through the MDW fair here in Chicago so that the show is available for viewing for the entire run of the fair.