41.8757° 87.6244

Clutch Gallery is pleased to present 41.8757° 87.6244°, a group show curated by students in Professor Rhoda Rosen’s Contemporary Cartography course at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 41.8757° 87.6244° identify the historic Michigan Boulevard district in the Chicago Loop area where the School is located.

41.8757° 87.6244° rethinks the idea of the dérive, otherwise known as “drift;” an intuitive movement through space based on a reading of interior and exterior cues; a wandering through space.

41.8757° 87.6244° is a card file filled with typewritten and handwritten texts on 3”x5” index cards. Each text is an instruction, a prompt to follow. Each prescribes  a way to interact with the environment, a quest, described in concrete or abstract terms. 41.8757° 87.6244° provides cues for new methods of transit through spaces that are both familiar and unfamiliar.

Please join us on opening night for a special event, as our exhibition at Clutch Gallery helps launch the new Arts District of the Society of Smallness.

a. Walking Tour by Clutch Gallery’s Education Department
b. Cartography Office Performance
***Please note that the Arts District opens at 10 AM ***

*Performances begin at 6 PM*
Participating artists:

Yesenia Bello, Isabel Bogarin, Bella Bruk, Jennie F Crichlow, Frederick James Eschrich, Marissa Leigh Fine, Chiara Giulianotti , Alessandra Maria Gomez-Misserian, Henry Christophe Harris, Heather Anne Mackenzie, Gabriela Renee Mendez, Coco A Menk, Marina Miliou-Theocharaki, Madee Byrne Miller, Arndis Y Otharsson, Compton A Quashie, Suzanne Lois Reid, Mitsu Miriam Salmon, Jasmyn Grace Smith, Victoria Leigh Thurmond, Rita Wang, Connie Alice Connie Westlife