Samples from the 41.8757° 87.6244° card file

Sample 1:
Take 5 minutes to walk one block; take 10 minutes to walk another block; take 15 minutes to walk the next block; and take 20 minutes to walk the 4th block.  Take a 10 second video for each block.

Sample 2:
Walk backwards toward the nearest parking sign; skip to the nearest bus stop; wait for the next bus; when it arrives, help the oldest person on the bus (don’t stay on!); get off the bus; follow the person nearest ot your left hand for two blocks. Mimic the way that he or she walks; walk across the street on your tippy toes at the intersection; walk back towards the group and find a person in front of you and within arm’s length of them, loudly clear your throat; before you meet up with the group, pop into the nearest retail store and examine the merchandise closest to the front door; leave and wait for the group.

Sample 3:
Walk in step with the person you are with.