Clutch Gallery visits the The Arts of Life

Part II of Captain Morely Miniscule's adventures as Clutch's docent.

Located on 2010 West Carroll Ave. in Chicago, The Arts ofLife is a charismatic band of artists who perform music, write poetry and create art. The Arts of Life is committed to providing quality, innovative services for artists with developmental disabilities.

Clutch and Captain Morley Miniscule visited The Arts of Life on May 22nd for a viewing of Erin Washington's Untitled (Aerophyte). Captain Miniscule spoke to resident artist "Chris" who said the current installation reminded him of sea creatures. "Like sea foam under the water," he elaborated. Another artist, "Pablo," wanted to know more about the reason the gallery was so small. He told Captain Miniscule that he liked going to the Art Institute, but hadn't been in a while. He thought it was great that Clutch could come to his studio for a visit.