Garbage Time is Running Out: An acceleration of Clutch Gallery by Logan Breitbart and Jack Gruszczynski

February 8 - March 4, 2016

Clutch Gallery inhaled deeply and released one long, austere note, reveling in its reverberations and neatly composed, tiny harmonies. Eventually, this breath will run out and Clutch will taper to its limit. This impending moment of death thrills artists Breitbart and Gruszczynski, yet the pristine, privileged wait is surely too difficult for them to bear. A decision was made to exhaust the little gallery in violent, erratic melody. The artists will ACCELERATE the lifespan of Clutch by using its space in every conceivable way for one month, imposing upon it a different challenge in curation EVERY DAY. We will saturate its content with FERTILIZER and OIL, building tempo and crescendo to the end. Clutch was the world, and we is the Sun. Who can overcome the spoiled one?

Jack Gruszczynski is a Chicago-based artist who received his BFA in Fine Arts from Columbia College Chicago. His work is mainly performative and employs relationship as medium.

Logan Breitbart is a Chicago-based artist. He is a member of Poems While You Wait, Runaways Theater Lab, and teaches GED courses in Cook County Jail.